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About Us

Finally, spa services designed to help you lose weight, get rid of stretch marks,  and tackle that cellulite.  It was founded on the idea that everyone who has the desire to look their best should have the opportunity to. Money should not be a deterrent nor should location. We've made sure that our rates are low, and our products are top of the line. Best of all, we can com to you if you cant come to us!

Here's the harsh reality, the numbers on the scale don't lie, and sadly neither does the reflection in the mirror. The great news is, numbers can change and so can that reflection. So lets do it, Lets change you, and make you

look & feel & be

...as good as you are.

Taboo Infusion was created because we know  there is no one way to gain weight and therefore, no one way to lose it. Taboo Infusion is the mixture and combining and infusing of things out of the norm...out of the box...to create the healthier, younger looking you! How can we help you? Weather you are interested in a quick fix or long term results or just a really good body shaper, we have you covered.

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